Vietnam Travel Guide: Do You Need Visa For Traveling To Vietnam?

You're able to submit a request for a visa on a buddy or family member for them to visit with you. We would want to confirm should you fly back to the UK that Visa exemption is logical in the event the previous visit not the next visit at the very least 30 days and then keep coming back Vietnam within thirty days, you have to apply for a visa. We'd want to notify that you'll require having a valid passport and visa if you would like to enter Vietnam - Make A Vietnam Visa For UK Citizens Guidelines.


As your described plan above, you need to make an application for a multiple-entry visa. A Vietnam Visa UK passport is required should you want to go ashore independently in Petersburg. Please be informed when the last visit has to be not even close to the next visit at least one month before that UK Passport holders might have 15-day Visa exemption.


Visa on arrival stamps are necessary for English Resident passport-holders and will be given upon the vessel's entrance, whether you are going ashore or are staying aboard. Our girlfriend and I are likely to Ho Chi Minh the 10th of January, and we proceed two nights after to Cambodia (the 13th) and come back to Ho Chi Minh the 21th of January (to go away Vietnam the 22nd for England).


So that it appears like I am eligible for the zero visa plan, I have a UK passport valid for another three years, not been in Vietnam for six months. Vietnam Visa cost UK: $30 per visa; 24-hours after obtaining full request. If this proposition is accepted, it'll develop into people of France Spain, Italy in addition to an excellent motivate for UK residents to journey to Vietnam.